FM Degree Program Accreditation Information for Employers

Benefits for Employers Seeking Graduates and Internship Candidates

  • Employers can and are using FMAC accreditation as a hiring criteria;
  • Employers know FMAC accredited institutions are focused around sound FM skills, competencies and knowledge;
  • Employers are asking the FMAC how to increase the number of graduates from ADP institutions;
  • Employers know ADP students will have established and recognized FM skills, competencies and knowledge;
  • Typically ADP students are very connected to the IFMA organization and have a sound network of FM professional contacts;
  • ADP students are well aware of the current FM practices and many of the students bring new concepts and process to the employer organizations to implement;
  • In most cases the ADP FM students adapt to the hiring organization and add value quickly.

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