IFMA Foundation Workplace Strategy Summits

Workplace strategies have been and continue to be one of the fastest evolving and critical topics in the FM realm. In response to the issue, the IFMA Foundation published Work on the Move – which became the most awarded and best-selling publication of the Foundation to date.  Excitement and community around the publication and topic resulted in the establishment of IFMA “Workplace Evolutionaries” special interest group, and two special events:  the Workplace Strategy Summits.

In September of 2012, the IFMA Foundation held an unprecedented event bringing together workplace strategy thought leaders, academics researching and teaching the subject, practitioners and students on the Cornell University campus for two days to discuss the state and future direction of workplace strategy and identify critical issues and trends within the topic.   

A second Workplace Strategy Summit was held in conjunction with the University College London in 2014 as leading thinkers in workplace strategy convened to build on the success of the first Workplace Strategy Summit.  The 2014 summit engaged both presenters and attendees in round-table discussions on a range of issues related to work and workplace in the 21st century.  Lively and intense conversations around the inclusion of IT and HR as critical partners in workplace strategy, the resulting impact on worker productivity and other issues engaged attendees throughout the event. 

October 2016, the Foundation released Work on the Move 2 - helping organizations prepare for the future of work in the new digital economy as chief executive officers are discovering the critical link between business strategy, design, human capital, technology, sustainability and place for competitive advantage.  The concepts shared in this book‘s thought provoking chapters help companies understand how to synthesize their business strategies and lead their company through critical workplace transformations.  Case studies of great workplaces around the world are included with an emphasis on their impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

A third Workplace Strategy Summit was held in conjunction with IFMA's World Workplace Europe in June, 2017.  The 2017 Workplace Strategy Summit addressed the latest global workplace trends, leadership changes, as well as the changes occurring in social responsibility; the increased importance of employee well-being; the silo-busting going on in real estate, human resources, information technology, and facility management groups to lead workplace change; new technologies being experimented and deployed for greater productivity and engagement of workplace professionals; and a day in the life of a future ‘placemaker’.  Presenters included leading thinkers from the fields of design, facility management, organizational ecology, information technology, human resources and management. The mix of experts, practitioners and academics provided a wide range of perspectives grounded in the experience of developing and implementing innovative workplace strategies in diverse industries, organizations, and national contexts.


Videos from the 2014 Workplace Strategy Summit

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