International Journal of Facility Management (ijfm)


This academic journal is no longer published by the IFMA Foundation.   However, all content from all issues of the IJFM has been transferred to IFMA's Knowledge Library, and is fully accessible there free of charge.  

Simply visit IFMA's Knowledge Library at and search for IJFM.  


The International Journal of Facility Management was an open-source, Internet-accessible journal devoted to the science, technology and practice of facility management. Designed for both academics and professionals, it derives its audience from universities, researchers, practitioners and allied professional organizations throughout the world. Through research and practice papers, the journal enabled the sharing of new theories, research, thoughts, experiences and concepts for building and workplace design, management, operations, use and disposition. The global focus brings contributions from around the world, providing this emerging and growing industry key insight for improvement and increased professionalism.


Topics included both practice applications and research theories from all core competencies of facility management which, for example, include: operations and maintenance of buildings, real estate, finance, communications, human and environmental factors, leadership and management, planning and project management, quality assessment and innovation, and technology. Additional topics of specific interest to the profession included the role of buildings related to sustainable practices, energy and resource management, IT modeling/simulation, procurement best practices and other innovative approaches to the practice of facility management. 


The primary purpose of the journal was to serve not only practitioners and students, but to provide an outlet for and to motivate researchers to begin new research, collaborate with allied professionals, advance the research agenda and professionalism of the entire field of facility management. 

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