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Work on the Move 2 -

Work on the Move 2 helps organizations prepare for the future of work in the new digital economy.  Today, chief executive officers are discovering the critical link between business strategy, design, human capital, technology, sustainability and place for competitive advantage.  The concepts shared in this book through a series of thought provoking chapters help companies understand how to synthesize their business strategies and lead their company through critical workplace transformations.  Showcased are 17 case studies of great workplaces around the world with an emphasis on their impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Topics covered in this exciting new publication include the latest global workplace trends, leadership changes, as well as the changes occurring in social responsibility; the increased importance of employee well-being; the silo-busting going on in real estate, human resources, information technology, and facility management groups to lead workplace change; new technologies being experimented and deployed for greater productivity and engagement of workplace professionals; and a day in the life of a future ‘placemaker’.    

Produced by the IFMA Foundation, Work on the Move 2, is the collaborative effort of 15 international experts in the fields of workplace strategy, human capital, real estate, technology and business. The proceeds from the sale of this publication go to the work of the Global Workforce Initiative (GWI) of the IFMA Foundation.

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Applying What Scientists Know about WHERE and HOW People Work Best 

The International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) and the IFMA Foundation present a definitive workplace strategy guide, “Applying What Scientists Know about WHERE and HOW people work best” by Dr. Sally Augustin. Workplace strategies are a frequent topic of lively debates rooted in strong opinions. This comprehensive repository of research organizes the tremendous body of empirical study that has been conducted in the social and physical sciences which is applicable to workplace managers and designers.

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Workplace Strategy Summit 2012: Research in Action

Proceedings from the Workplace Strategy Summit 2012 held at Cornell University September 5-7, 2012. Edited by Michael Schley.

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Work on the Move: Driving Workplace Strategy

Work on the Move helps facility managers prepare for the future of work. Examine the forces driving workplace change and its effects on facility managers. Learn how to become more strategic and lead change in the workplace. Includes case studies from around the globe. Gain practical tools to develop workplace strategies from idea, to implementation, to measurement. 22 international workplace experts explore how new technologies, social trends, flexible work, the ability to work anywhere and more factors changing today's work environment.

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BIM for Facility Managers

BIM for Facility Managers covers how building information modeling (BIM) complements facility management (FM) systems to achieve significant lifecycle advantages. It includes coverage of the guidelines for BIM in FM, the COBie2 (BIM document standard) used to collect and communicate facility equipment information, and a list of software for BIM/FM integration. Offers six real-life case studies including the Texas A&M Health Science Center, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and the State of WI Facilities.

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