e-Poster Competition

IFMA Foundation 12th Annual ePoster Competition

The IFMA Foundation is proud to host the annual Foundation FM ePoster competition held in conjunction with IFMA's World Workplace. The competition has been revamped and reformatted in an effort to be more inclusive of FM students from around the world, regardless of their ability to travel to the conference.

ePosters are short video presentations representing work in the field of facility management (FM) and the built environment (BE). The ePoster competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students and is an opportunity for students from around the world to gain working knowledge and international recognition by presenting their facility’s knowledge and experiences. The culmination of the IFMA Foundation’s ePoster competition takes place at IFMA’s World Workplace Conference and Expo and is hosted by the IFMA Foundation’s Facility Management Accreditation Commission (FMAC). 2017 is the tenth year the ePoster competition has been sponsored by the IFMA Foundation.

Who can present

All FM/BE students from IFMA Foundation Accredited Degree Program (ADP) students and higher education institutions around the globe (including associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degree candidates) are encouraged to participate as individuals or in teams of two.

 Note for students that have graduated: If you were a registered student in the calendar year 2017 but have graduated before WWP takes place you may still participate in the 2017 ePoster competition.

 How the competition works

 1.      Submit your intent to participate

 State your intent to participate by submitting an ePoster competition application/abstract form at the following link: https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/IfmaFoundation/ePoster.html  by May 31, 2017. This form may also be found on the IFMA Foundation website: www.ifmafoundation.org.  Submissions received later than the above date may not be considered. The competition organizers reserve the right to decline applications at their discretion.

Proposal acceptance may be accompanied by comments as appropriate. Once a proposal has been approved, its author(s) may proceed with developing their ePoster video for Round One judging.

 ePoster submissions may also be displayed at the IFMA Foundation WWP booth and may be posted on the IFMA Foundation website. Awards will be announced at the World Workplace expo as well as on the IFMA Foundation website, social media and various other communications.

 2. Round One Submissions.

 Submit your video no later than August 31, 2017.  All submissions will be reviewed. Accepted videos will proceed to Round One judging.  Round One judging will identify selected submissions to proceed to the Final Round of judging at WWP.                                              

3. Final Round judging

 Final judging will occur at IFMA World Workplace 2017 Conference and Expo on October 18 and 19, 2017. Round One videos selected as Finalists will be presented to the WWP judging panel for selection of the winner.


The author(s) of the winning ePoster will receive a certificate of recognition along with a cash award of $500 (US) to be used on an upcoming IFMA conference (World Workplace US, Asia, Europe or Facility Fusion). The winners will receive their award via check or wire transfer after attendance at the conference they attend. They have 18 months to attend the conference.


Download the 2017 ePoster Competition details here:  CALL_FOR_ ePoster 2017


Questions may be directed to Amy Arnold (IFMA Foundation Administrator at amy.arnold@ifma.org.