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What is the IFMA Foundation and what does it do?The IFMA Foundation is dedicated to the mission of promoting education for the facility management profession around the world and making FM a Career of Choice.

Steps to our success:  here is what the IFMA Foundation does:

  • Accredits and recognizes Facility Management (FM) higher education degrees and fosters the development of new programs in schools and universities.  Accredited degrees meet the FM Accreditation Commission’s (FMAC) highest standard, ensuring students have appropriate understandings in all 11 FM core competencies.  Recognized programs are high quality degrees and certificates that meet the majority of the accreditation standards.
  • Introduces FM as a career of choice early in a student’s educational journey at high schools, community or two-year colleges, and universities.  This early education increases the talent pool for FM internships, scholarships, and eventual employment.
  • Promotes FM workforce growth by facilitating regional coalitions **of**  that result in nearby FM training and educational offerings, school and job placement programs that support the profession locally.
  •  Creates innovative and educational multimedia, publications and events which focus on advancement and awareness of the profession.

More than half of today’s FM practitioners are expected to retire in the next five to 15 years.  The Foundation works to ensure that qualified people will be available. For those in the FM profession today, your contribution will create education and mentoring programs that allow existing professionals to “pay it forward” supporting those entering or transitioning to FM careers.

For those who hire, the ongoing Accreditation, Recognition and school development programs nurture a qualified future talent pool. Supporting these programs demonstrates and organizations and individuals commitment to the professionalism of Facility Management.

The Foundation emphasizes education and advancement.  Your donation can help promote the facility management field making your chapter, company or job more recognizable and prestigious in the workplace.  It can be an opportunity to give back and support the profession that has been good to you.

As a charitable organization (US IRS recognized 501(c)3) separate from IFMA, the IFMA Foundation relies entirely on private support to carry out its mission and receives no direct funding from IFMA membership dues.

The IFMA Foundation relies entirely on private support to carry out its mission and receives no funding from IFMA membership dues.

Through their generosity, IFMA donors demonstrate that they care about the future of the FM profession and, moreover, all who enter the facilities in their care.

Thank you to our donors for helping to make FM a career of choice

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