Accredited Degree Program

The Accredited Degree Program is a primary initiative of the Foundation and where we invest the largest amount of human, volunteer, and financial resources.  Increasing the number of graduates with FM degrees entering the workforce is essential for the future of the profession.

Join us as we support the development of highly skilled and capable future practitioners by promoting the expansion of accredited FM degrees offered by higher education institutions worldwide.

In addition, we support FM students with our annual FM scholarship program and Ignite FM Student Competitions.  Visit the student section of our website for more information

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The Facility Management Accreditation Commission (FMAC) is the IFMA Foundation’s Commission that is responsible for developing, mentoring, overseeing the academic accreditation of those higher education Facility Management Academic Programs, globally.

The mission of the FMAC is to be the leading international advocate and expert in overseeing quality Facility Management higher-education, and to promote, support, and accredit Facility Management degree programs.  The Facility Management Accreditation Commission oversees the FM ADP Program Standards for student outcome expectations.  The FMAC is made up global members from Asia, Europe and North America.  Those academic members are representatives from FMAC Accredited Degree Programs.

Why Accreditation Matters to FM (.pdf)

For complete information regarding the FMAC Standard Documents, download the document below.

Associate Degree Programs Standards 

Bachelors Degree Programs Standards

Masters Degree Programs Standards

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an accredited degree program or a registered facility management program, please contact Diane Levine at +1 281-974-5620  or

Facility Management Graduate

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation is announcing the IFMA Facility Management Graduate (FMG) Designation and Digital Badge. “The new IFMA Foundation FMG designation gives graduates of FM Accredited Degree Programs in good standing a special recognition for their completion of a post-secondary program in facility management” said Graham Tier, IFMA Global Chair. “Most importantly, IFMA and the IFMA Foundation recognize the specific qualifications and skills that graduates of the FM Accredited Degree Programs possess.”

As the global FM accrediting organization, the IFMA Foundation has increased its focus on filling the gap in the professional FM workforce through its Global Workforce Initiative, which includes increasing the number of FM Accredited Degree Programs throughout the world, providing scholarships to students, as well as expanding the awareness of the FM profession. “This designation is important to facility management professionals to be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to employers. Earning the FMG designation and digital badge are a significant way to present that value” said Nancy Sanquist, IFMA Foundation Chair.

Digital FMG badges are currently available to graduates of the Facility Management Accredited Degree Program free of charge. Degree holders can apply for their badge with IFMA by filling out a form online at

IFMA and the IFMA Foundation are partnering with Credly, a top digital badging company, to provide this service through their platform, Acclaim.

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