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Giving Tuesday


As you consider your year-end giving, we hope you consider the impact the IFMA Foundation gives to students seeking a professional career path and industries seeking qualified and skilled FM professionals. Read some testimonials from those touched by the IFMA Foundation.


How the IFMA Foundation makes a difference?

Demarcus Means
Business Administration/Facility Management
Florida A & M University

The IFMA Foundation creates opportunities for students interested in facilities management from FM accredited degree programs worldwide during Facility Fusion and World Workplace. Allowing us to meet like-minded students from all over the world and network, learn about and potentially interview with companies like Sodexo and ABM. The Ignite FM Student Challenge; gave me and other future facilities managers an opportunity to showcase skill sets in front of a panel of judges for a chance to win a monetary award and represent your school. Additionally, I was exposed to experienced facilities managers and ask about their careers and day to day challenges they had to overcome, creating lifelong relationships and even mentorships.


Xiu Hong E Ng
Temple University

The IFMA Foundation supports the education and advancement of the younger generation of students in the FM profession. Being chosen as a scholarship recipient is both an honor and an achievement. This scholarship will give me the opportunity to further my studies in a graduate level and the foundation to expand my network with other FM professionals, young professionals, and aspiring students in the profession. As an accomplishment, I want this achievement to be an example for the aspiring students in FM to know that they have the IFMA Foundation and IFMA Chapters, Councils, and Communities for support to further their education, pursue their dream in the FM field and make a difference.


Devin Shackelford, Sodexo Employee
Kennesaw State Graduate, Georgia
2018 IFMA Greater Triangle Chapter Scholarship Recipient
2018 IFMA World Workplace Conference Attendee

Had it not been for the IFMA Foundation Scholarship program and Ignite FM! Student Challenge at IFMA World Workplace, I would not have the job that I have today at Sodexo.  I was fortunate enough to have people from Sodexo witness and judge my Ignite FM! competition presentation.  Fortunately, the Sodexo judges were impressed with my skills and abilities and offered me a position as an operations support specialist for their Walgreens portfolio. I’m excited to be in charge of their computerized maintenance management system.”


Elizabeth Zamora, Chaffey College Graduate
From ABM intern to ABM full-time employee

“Many students were drawn to this facility management program because of the demand and income.  I can’t say it’s not a good incentive. Still, thanks to ABM, I soon realized what my true passion is.  I am truly fascinated with operations

I’m really grateful for the day you visited Chaffey College and handed me your card.  Now that I have finished my internship, I am looking forward to pursuing my career in Facility Management. Thanks to you and ABM, I was able to find a guided pathway to what I am beyond doubt passionate about.”  

— Excerpts from letter to Tony Piucci, IFMA Foundation Trustee and GWI Advisor




December 3, 2019