FM Career Ambassador Kit and Speaker’s Link

The best way for students to learn about facility management is to hear about it from someone who has done it. That’s why the FM Career Ambassador kit was developed in partnership with ImageMedia, Sodexo and the IFMA Foundation.

FM Ambassador Speaker’s Kit

The FM Career Ambassador Speaker’s Kit makes it easy for facility management professionals to present the value of an FM career to different groups—grade school students, college students, community organizations and the general public. Each kit includes a Speakers Guide in the note section to walk you through the process and your presentation, a PowerPoint presentation that can be modified for audience, a script, and videos.

The Speaker’s Kit includes a PowerPoint with speaker notes under for each slide that help explain the value of being in a facility management career; the official FM Ambassador kit logo as needed for promotional printing; and a 5×7 card that can be used for handouts or advertisement for your event.

FM Ambassador Speaker’s Link

The FM Career Ambassador Speaker’s Link matches speaker requests with available speakers in their area.

Speak to an FM

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