What is Facility Management?

Facility management (FM) is about supporting people where they live, work, shop and play.

It’s about maintaining and improving quality of life in the built environment, managing systems and processes, integrating community, culture, business and technology.

Why is FM important?

FM is a $1.1 trillion global industry. and there are 25 million FM practitioners worldwide. They operate office buildings and shopping malls, stadiums and concert halls, laboratories, schools, universities, factories, museums, airports, churches and hotels.

It’s a big field with a lot of moving parts:

Planning and Project Management​Job security
Real Estate and Property Management
Operations and Maintenance
Environment and Sustainability
Security and Emergency Preparedness
Finance and Business
Strategy and Leadership
Human Factors
Information Technology


The median annual salary for facility managers is $92,087, as reported by Salary.com in 2017.


There is a 100% job placement for FM gradudates. Now that’s impressive.

Global Opportunities

Over 100 countries offer FM opportunities. The world isn’t going to manage itself.

What do Facility Managers do?

Some facility manager are generalists, managing teams, working with building owners and occupants, analyzing problems and coordinating solutions.Others specialize in a variety of areas:

•Managing smart use of energy and natural resources for the good of the environment
•Keeping buildings maintained and systems running so people are comfortable and safe
•Creating strategic facility plans for future growth
•Negotiating purchase and leasing of land and buildings
•Overseeing construction projects for new buildings and renovations
•Overseeing building access and security
•Keeping landscaping healthy and attractive
•Merging technology so that employees can work effectively as individuals and in groups
•Designing interiors and optimizing the use of facilities and space


A sneak peek at the different roles FM has to offer

Haley, The Mastermind

Haley is an FM graduate from Cornell University. Watch how her interest in Disney World got her involved in the world of Facility Management!

James, The Traveler

James got his graduate degree from Pratt Institute, and has been able to travel the world thanks to his career in FM. Learn more about how he got started!

Susan, The Designer/Psychiatrist

Susan started out in interior design, but quickly found herself intrigued by the psychology that goes behind facility management. Hear what she has to say about FM!

Anif, The Provider

Anif is passionate about helping others. With FM, Anif can provide people with safe working environments that contribute to saving lives.

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